100 Ways to Create a Great Relationship

In honour of my 100th blog post, I’ve listed 100 ways you can create a great relationship RIGHT NOW!!!

  1. Love yourself
  2. Love your partner
  3. Love your relationship
  4. Learn and practice unconditional love
  5. Take care of yourself
  6. Be on your partner’s side
  7. Be present
  8. Communicate from your heart
  9. Let go of fear
  10. Let go of expectation
  11. Embrace who you really are
  12. Embrace who your partner really is
  13. Be kind
  14. Be happy
  15. Play
  16. Be accountable
  17. Give your partner your time and attention
  18. Read the book, “Real Love” by Greg Baer
  19. Discover your Love Language
  20. Learn and honour your partner’s Love Language
  21. Do something everyday to express love your partner
  22. Make your relationship a priority
  23. Treat the word “LOVE” as a verb
  24. Listen to your partner
  25. Seek to understand
  26. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt
  27. Write down 10 things you love about your partner
  28. Brag about your partner to someone else today
  29. Be your true self
  30. Seek to find fulfillment in your life and bring that to your partner and relationship
  31. Laugh together
  32. Make a date
  33. Spend 5 minutes thinking about what it was first like to fall in love with your partner
  34. Do something special for your partner
  35. Seek to resolve conflict peacefully
  36. Be willing
  37. Be aware
  38. Be radically honest with yourself and your partner
  39. Ask yourself what you can do to make your relationship the best it can be
  40. Express gratitude for your partner
  41. Let go of should’s and obligations and truly give from your heart
  42. Know yourself  
  43. Empower yourself
  44. Own your emotions
  45. Let go of blame
  46. Be Love Able
  47. Put yourself first
  48. Put on your rosy coloured glasses
  49. Learn from your partner’s reflection
  50. Be accepting
  51. Re-calculate
  52. Be understanding
  53. Listen to your partner’s story
  54. Treat your partner the way you want to be treated
  55. Be a great partner
  56. Use the power of two
  57. Set goals for your relationship
  58. Plant some relationship seeds
  59. Find the truth underneath
  60. Let go of old patterns
  61. Be conscious
  62. Listen with your heart
  63. Be willing to receive love
  64. Do random acts of kindness for your partner
  65. Be curious
  66. Plan together
  67. Tell your partner how much they mean to you
  68. Show your partner how much they mean to you
  69. Make time to connect everyday
  70. Be creative with your relationship
  71. Make time for yourself
  72. Daydream about your love right now
  73. Be your partner’s best friend
  74. Be your partner’s ally
  75. Be playful
  76. Love with all your being
  77. Turn off all technology when you are together
  78. Share with each other
  79. Commit to be the best you can be
  80. Make your life joyful
  81. Find reasons to be grateful
  82. Create a little magic in your life and in your relationship
  83. Nurture yourself
  84. Nurture your partner
  85. Respond to your partner’s needs
  86. Choose to be happy instead of being right
  87. Love your partner when it is most difficult
  88. Love yourself when it is most difficult
  89. Have hobbies and interests outside the relationship
  90. Enrich your life
  91. Honour yourself
  92. Honour your partner
  93. Honour your relationship
  94. Remember the reasons you love your partner
  95. Dream about your relationship
  96. Focus on the positive
  97. Celebrate
  98. Relax and enjoy your life, your love, your partner, your relationship
  99. Forgive
  100. Be committed to love


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  1. THAT is a FABULOUS list!!! I really like #6 and many others. I think I’ll bookmark this page. Thank you!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kate. I’m so glad you liked the list! Number 6 is a good one!

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