Creating Great Relationships

Sometimes we forget how much power we have in our relationships.  We look at our partner as the cause or solution, we look at our circumstances and we look at other causes outside ourselves and when we do, we forget we have the power to create whatever kind of relationship we want, at any time we want.   We can choose to feel loving, we can choose to see the good in our partner and our relationship, we can choose to focus on all those qualities we love most and the moments that feel best.  And when we focus on what feels good, we feel good and our relationships feel good too.

Yesterday’s blog was a list of 100 ways you can have a great relationship.  If you look at each item on the list, you’ll find it is something YOU can do at any given moment.  It doesn’t rely on your partner or anything else to be different in order for you to create a great relationship.  The items on the list can help you see how YOU can direct your focus so you can feel more of what you want and experience the kind of relationship that your heart truly desires.

If you find yourself struggling, take a look at the list and make the effort to do something(s) on that list.  You’ll be amazed how quickly and easily things can change when you focus on creating a great relationship.


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  1. Thank you for this! I too have been thinking about our responsibility in creating a great relationship rather than focusing on how our partner could be a greater partner…

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