I struggle with the word lovable. We all want to be loved, we want to be lovable;  but lovable implies we need to be worthy of someone else’s love and that takes the focus off ourselves. 

I realized the word lovable is made up of two words. Love. Able.

How Love Able are we?

So many of us carry around baggage from the past and allow it to cast shadows over our present relationships.  People feel scared to put themselves out there and be vulnerable, keeping their loved ones at arm’s length and using distractions to avoid committment.  Fear limits our Ability to Love.

Being Love Able means being able to love.  It means being able to open up your heart fully and completely;  letting go of fear and being ready to give and receive love.

Our Love Ability is measured by our willingness to commit, to take the risk to love;  it is our ability to be vulnerable, open and honest with another.  Being Love Able means we move past our fear and facades and allow our true selves to love and be loved. 

So many of us want to be lovable but we are not as Love Able as we can be.  The love we receive is a reflection of the love we give.  We need to be willing to take the risk to love in order to be loved.  We need to be more Love Able.


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