What Colour Are Your Glasses?

to wear rose-coloured glasses

  1. To see the positive in things while being oblivious to
    the negative

Lately I’ve been thinking about this phrase from a different perspective. I used to think it referred to someone being too foolish to see what’s really
going on because they refuse to look. But now I wonder if it could mean, someone being wise enough to consciously choose the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.

What if we used rose-coloured glasses to see our partner and our relationship a little more often?

When we look at our relationship through rose-coloured glasses, we see things as being rosy. Everything in our life seems rosy when we feel positive, when things are working in our life, when we feel confident, self-assured, excited and happy. But what happens when we don’t feel good about ourselves? If we feel a little blue and put on our blue-coloured glasses, everything in our sight looks a little more blue too, including our relationships.

How often do we blame our partner or dissect our relationship and discover we aren’t happy? We tell ourselves, it is because our partner isn’t meeting the
mark. Maybe we start focusing on our partner’s”faults”; the same ones we don’t even notice when we feel good about ourselves. We become more critical, judgmental, and we scrutinize what they say and do.

When we do this we must ask, are we doing this because there are problems that need to be addressed or does it have more to do with the colour of our
glasses we’re putting on? Is our own personal view and perspective of our life colouring the way we look at our relationship and our partner?

We know our partner’s positives and negatives. We know who they are and what we love and we also know what we are willing to accept. So, why are there times when we don’t even notice those little things that annoy us and other times when they seem insurmountable?  Because we see things in our life through the colour of the glasses we put on…and that choice most often has to do with how we feel about ourselves and our own lives than it does with our partner or our relationship.

Think about the colour you are seeing things in your life and in your relationship and determine if things are as rosy as you’d like to see them.  If not, consider changing the way you view things, by changing the colour of your lens.


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