Being a Great Partner

If I were to ask you how your partner is doing as your partner, you would probably be able to answer quite quickly.  But, how are you doing as a partner?

We can be quick to judge, criticize and complain about our partner, especially when we feel they aren’t doing what we’d like them to do.  But how often do we look at ourselves and assess what kind of partner we are being?

How well are you doing in the area of love and support?  Are you giving your love without conditions and expectations?  Do you support your partner and back them up or do you judge and point out their flaws? 

When it comes to being patient and understanding, are you meeting the mark?  Are you quick to point out their mistakes?  Do you complain or correct them when they do something you don’t like?

Are you giving your partner your full attention?  Are you making time to be fully present and really hear what they are saying?  Do you go that extra mile for your partner to make sure they know exactly how you feel about them?

Quite often in relationships we want certain things….love, support, understanding.  But, if we are really honest with ourselves, can we say we are giving these things to our partner? 

The truth is that many of us want things from our partner that we simply are not giving to them. 

One of the keys to having a great relationship is to be a great partner ourselves.

We can never really change another person so one very easy way to change and improve our relationships is to honestly assess how we are doing as a partner and make the conscious effort to be the kind of partner that we wish for ourselves.


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