Saturday Morning

I woke up this morning thinking about Saturday morning cartoons.

As a kid, Saturday morning was all mine. Cartoons played back to back on t.v. until noon. It was special because it was one of few times television was made just for kids. We could lounge the morning away in our pajamas, eating sugary cereal dry from the box (after reaching our hand in to retrieve the toy at the bottom). It was a way for us to relax after a week of school and activities. Saturday mornings felt leisurely and decadent; a special time made just for us kids.

While many things have changed in our world – including cartoons now playing on several channels 24-7, it is still important – if not more important than ever – for us to create moments for ourselves that feel leisurely, decadent, and special.


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  1. Fun memories and your last line- excellent advice!

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