I am focusing more on my being energy – my Divine Feminine energy. (This is not specific to gender).

Our Divine Masculine energy is our doing energy, the Divine Feminine is being energy. Everyone needs both of these energies in order to feel balanced. We may lean more into one energy (like a dominant hand), but we need the balance of both to feel healthy, happy, and whole.

Our culture, is heavily skewed to the masculine energy – the doing, making, producing, amassing, consuming, competitive energy. We hear it in our language: What are you doing today? What did you get done? What do you want to do tonight? What do you do?

Western society doesn’t encourage or value the feminine energy of being, reflecting, creating, introspecting, working in community – which is why it is more important to be conscious of this in ourselves. Both energies are essential for us as individuals and also collectively. An extreme in either direction is not helpful.

We have been conditioned into the doing energy, and many find it uncomfortable to be: sitting, listening to our intuition, taking time to reflect or making time to be in nature are things we judge – labelling these as lazy or unproductive. This is not true. We need the balance for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Burnout, exhaustion, feeling stressed, illness, can all be signs of this kind of imbalance; our bodies forcing us into rest and being. If we incorporate more being energy into our lives, we find this balance in a more measured way.

I am welcoming more being energy into my life. Meditation, honoring my intuition, observation, creation, nature….these are all ways I am increasing my feminine energy. I love the way I feel more connected as I embrace more feminine energy and feel more balanced.


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