Spring in my Step

I started noticing the light; a little different angle, stretching a little longer into the day.

Then, the temperature climbed, not a lot, but noticeably different. Even cold days seem warmer.

My windows are open a little more each day, the extra blanket has come off my bed, t-shirts have replaced sweaters, I hear water running outside, birds chirping…all the signs are here.

I know it won’t be officially spring until the weekend…but for me…spring has sprung.

Maybe it’s because I loved spring on the farm…baby calves being born, crocuses bursting forth out of snow, mud puddles, longer days….whatever it is, I have always been a springtime gal.

There is something about the freshness of spring I adore. The planting of seeds…the beginning of the astrological year….an awakening after the darkness and cold of winter. Whatever it is, I have always loved it.

I have been called outdoors more lately – less time for writing. I am loving the moments of presence, soaking in the sun as I walk, feeling the breeze on my face.

This is the energy I lean into – it feels playful and light and that’s where I am at my best.


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