What Do I Give to Others?

I’ve taken time to think and write about all ways I show up for my friends and family.

What kinds of things do I do for friends?

What kinds of support do I offer others?

What do I notice in people?

What are things I give to friends…to let them know I care, to connect, to offer when they are hurting?

What are the fun ways I interact and share with my friends?

There were two powerful results from this exercise:

  1. I recognized great qualities in myself. I am good at being there for others. I see some real strengths in myself and characteristics I really like.
  2. I learned what I need to give myself. What I value most, I will give to others. If these are my values, then they are really what I want for myself.

I’ve kept the list to remind me of the ways I support and care for others. I refer to it to remember what I want for myself, so I can intentionally give myself what I most value.

If I am showing up for others, I can show up for myself too.

We can all learn more about ourselves by looking at the way we give and share with others. Even if you aren’t co-dependent, like me, you can learn what you most need to give to yourself. If you aren’t giving much to others, that can be a powerful realization. You may also see ways you are giving simply to meet your own needs.

If you aren’t already aware of or spending time regularly giving to yourself with intention– you might want to try this exercise and see what you can learn about yourself.


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  1. I still have the paper on the wall where you wrote “LJ is here for you” that you gave me when I was going through a difficult time. It means a lot to me. I hope I am able to give to you as well when you need it. Love Cindy

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