Holding Things Lightly

The Buddhist concept of holding things lightly has been seeking my attention – including me hearing the song “Hold On Loosely” by .38 Special yesterday.

I love the reminder to hold everything lightly – my ideas, beliefs, people, possessions, experiences…and most of all, myself.

What happens when I hold things lightly?

I remember everything in life – thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, people, possessions and me – are all changing.

When I remember to hold things lightly, I am able to be curious, ask questions, and listen. I am able to change my mind or alter my perspective with new information.

Holding things lightly reminds me to be present. If I am busy ruminating about the past or planning for a future, I’ve missed a moment that will never be again.

I love the way that holding things lightly allows for movement and expansion, for flexibility and attention, growth and awareness, for trust and knowing.

No matter what comes my way, the experience has impact and meaning for me. My most challenging moments have provided my greatest awareness, holding moments lightly, allowed me to see their gift.

Holding things lightly provides the opportunity to see the ways life ebbs and flows. What is one moment, does not need to be the next. And if things are difficult, hold it lightly and watch it ease.

I am not the same person I was yesterday, a month ago, a year ago. I love this – I am not always sure who I am. I love growing and coming to greater awareness of myself. This doesn’t happen if I insist on being the same.

If my fist is clenched around something then I become too scared to open it, in case it disappears. If I hold something tightly..am I able to enjoy it? use it? see it or remember why it mattered so much to me?

Holding tightly also prevents me from being able to hold something new or see the beauty in the space.

There is more room in my open palm than in my clenched fist. Hold things lightly and see what happens.


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