Today, I had an agenda but ditched my plans because my desire to play is just too strong.

I love days like this…where I feel so playful, happy, so light with energy- I want to dance with the moon and sing to the stars. I give praise to Mother Earth, smile to the Sun God, and whisper secrets to the wind. That kind of day! (and yes, to my writing friends…I DID just use an exclamation point).

I know these times don’t last. It is like the last piece of cake. I want to savor every bite and enjoy the moment with all my being.

We can appreciate these moments because they don’t last forever. We need the mix, the variety. The sadness and pain, the angst and frustration, the sorrow and grief….they all make the sweetness of joy so much grander.

It wasn’t that long ago, when I was in my darkness and pain. I knew, those moments too, would not last. And even if I couldn’t experience joy, I knew it existed and that was enough for me to be present with the pain and ride the wave. None of it lasts, all of it shifts. Being present allows us to experience it all – and for that we are infinitely richer.

For my friends who are grieving and healing and feeling loss and frustration today — I hold you here in my energy of play until you can join me here again too. And I know you’ve held me here, when I needed you most.

Isn’t life grand?


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