What side are you on?

Is anyone else tired of this?

The world has become divisive about every topic. Say something on social media. You’ll immediately find the two camps. Those who are adamant they are right…and those others who are adamant they are right. Toe to toe, screaming, discrediting, name calling. “I am right. You are an idiot.”

We’ve shut down. We’ve blocked all learning. We’ve lost the beautiful shades of grey that live between the fiercely drawn lines of black and white.

Here is my personal remedy: I am right and I am wrong…always, never, simultaneously.

In a world of sides – I like to remain open. I don’t know everything. I may feel strongly about a topic – but I try to be curious and am willing to hear other perspectives. Teach me. Show me what you see. Help me understand. I want to know.

We can’t hear if we aren’t willing to listen. If we cling to our beliefs too tightly, we lose the opportunity to see a different point of view, maybe change our minds…or even, (gasp) discover we might have been wrong.

Be willing to learn. Be willing to listen. Start seeing everyone has a human with their own motivation for the way they live. Start looking for the grey.


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