Impossibly Possible

I love those magical moments – the ones where something seemingly impossible becomes possible.

I had that experience this morning and I always marvel and feel grateful for these times.

Things don’t always work out as we plan. There are times when I have wanted something so badly I can taste it. When it doesn’t come to be; I’ve gnashed my teeth, stomped my feet, cried out to sky, and wilted in despair. I wanted this.

But almost every time this happens, it is in my later reflection that I see it actually worked out for the best.

When my son was really sick, there was nothing more I wanted than for him to be healthy. And no amount of wanting this made it so. No amount of appointments, treatments, learning, or wishing changed the circumstance. It was the most pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. And yet, when I look back, I see how this was one of the most healing, beautiful gifts I’ve ever experienced.

I bask in it all and hold on to a core belief that I can’t always see the blessings in the moment, but they are always there. And if I open my heart, am willing to reflect and be honest…I can see the gifts of life.

Today, will bask in my magical moment and feel gratitude…knowing this experience will help affirm when I am not yet able to see the bigger picture in the moment.


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  1. And, it will likely become exactly what it needed to be even though you didn’t realize it at the time. I know the feeling!

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