This morning, I was writing and looked out the window as the sun was rising.

My brain wanted me to keep writing. You’ve got important things to do today, keep your mind on your work.

My heart wanted me to sit and watch the sunrise.

The sunrise was beautiful. Shifting colors, clouds drifting through – making it seem as though the clouds were colored and floating across the sky. And every second I watched, it changed. The colors, the shapes, and it wasn’t long before the sun was up and the sky all blue.

We often forget, until we lose someone, or a big shift happens to change our routine – that every moment is an opportunity. There are gifts in our day. There are moments of pleasure and delight if we choose to see them. They may be found in a conversation, in the sounds of nature, a hug, the taste of a food.

We get complacent with life as we move through life as a series of days and weeks, caught in our routine.

But – if you start to look for moments of magic. You might be surprised how often you find gifts in your day.


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  1. I’m glad you experienced the gift of the sunrise this morning. Here’s to many more such opportunities!

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