Flipping Perspective

We have life backward.

We don’t learn who we are as people. We aren’t encouraged to take our place in the world.

We set children off to look for things to do and ways to produce. If you’re doing something then you are someone. We teach people to seek external forces – job/career, marital status, monetary success as a means to define and validate.

What if we flipped this?

What if we helped people know themselves first. What if we taught children to listen to their inner knowing, listen to their heart? What if we helped people develop a sense of self and then expand that outward; taking their place in the world. When we know who we are, when we know how to listen to ourselves, we can share that with the world. That looks like passion, creativity, and unique talents that produce greatness for ourselves and others. It’s shining our light so others can share it too.

The way our culture views the world leaves people feeling lost, lonely, and subject to external forces that can’t be controlled. We become victims.

People want to thrive and contribute and connect. We need to radically change the way we view the world, the way we parent, educate, and experience the world.

(Not too much to ask on a Monday! lol)


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