New x2

New Year, New Moon.

Both are times to plant new seeds, set our course, determine where we want to go. So, with yesterday’s start to the new year and today being the new moon – we are primed to set forth anew.

I am not one to set specific goals or make resolutions. Perhaps it is my nature to balk at such things; refusing to be boxed into one decision…or maybe I have lived long enough to understand John Steinbeck’s notion: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

I find, as I move forward, I am less attached to the specifics, less inclined to want a certain outcome. I am still passionate and have strong desire to create and connect- but I have realized, often, our best moments are the unexpected ones. The moments unplanned. I am more interested in how I experience life in each moment and how I learn and grow from each experience.

Ah…feeling so philosophical now.

Energy needs to be in motion – so even if I don’t like to set goals, I do like to set my compass. It’s good to have a direction to head – even if we veer off, need to stop and re-calibrate, or sit down and enjoy what is for awhile.



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  1. My goal this year is to enjoy the process in whatever I undertake whether it be writing or getting in shape. I’m glad I don’t worry about starting right on New Year’s Day as I would be hooped for the whole year. The great news is every day that I wake up is another day to try again.

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