Happy New Year

I am feeling called to blog again – a little more consistently than I have in previous years. I’m not sure where we’ll go this year, but I’m grateful to have you along for the journey.

I wrote a blog, years ago – inspired by an activity I used to do with friends. Every year, near the end of December, we would choose a word for ourselves for the following year. A word that we felt called to choose, something we wanted to guide us, it was always inspired in one way or another.

One year, I chose play as my word. Then, I took it a step farther and blogged about my playful experiences all year long.

For the past month or so, that year of play has been popping up in my mind.

I’m not sure if I will turn this year into a playful year – I suppose I’ve already done that. But I have a feeling playful energy will be part of what I am creating and the way I am choosing to live.

I am in a lovely energy these days – curious about myself, finding my authentic self, consciously choosing who I want to be and how I want to express myself in the world. I find this to be quite fun. I am playing with my old thoughts, beliefs, values, and behaviors as I move forward.

I know I am often my best self when I am engaged with curiosity, play, and learning…perhaps this is where we will go.

Welcome back to my blog. Welcome to 2022.



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  1. It’s great to be reading your blog again. Happy Fun Year .looking forward to seeing how the year unfolds for you.

  2. I love this. I never thought about choosing a word for the year but I’ve heard other people do it as well.

    My brain is fried. I’m glad Jim has departed. Hopefully, my eye will get better. Christine eased my mind by texting that she was in Great Falls for the night. My mum has been causing more trouble.

    I hope to get my review of 2021 done up tomorrow and then some challenges for 2022 and some submission goals as well.

    You really are a great blogger. It’s interesting and informative. I’ll be following you.



  3. I love your words!

    I tried to respond, but I can’t figure out what my wordpress password is 😊 I’ve attempted so many start ups, gotten frustrated, stopped, deleted and started again that my password book needs a codebreaker to figure out things.

    I’m grateful to read your words!


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