This is 51

It seems like just a short while ago, I was blogging my countdown to turning 50.

I knew it was going to a be a big year – I could feel it. But I had no idea the changes that would come, the realizations, the growth, the challenges. It’s been painful and beautiful, hard and empowering, scary and freeing.

I am setting myself on a new path moving forward. I am focusing on me – living a life that feels authentic to me, no matter what.

I am breaking old patterns, embracing who I am, and forging a new way forward.

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Re-Birth Day to me.



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  1. Happy Re-Birth my beautiful friend. I’m excited to watch your future unfold – ever bolder, ever stronger, ever joyful. You are an awesome inspirational woman and I’m so glad I know you. Love, Cindy

  2. Happy RE Birth Day Laura-Jeanne. I hope it’s been an amazing day with many many more years of good days ahead of you.


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