8 days to go…

It’s October! And we are now one week and one day away from the big 5-0. (I wrote that with a sports announcers voice in my head as if I was kicking off the main event).

I woke up to an email for a ‘free birthday burger’ this month from my favorite burger joint — so this birthday is in full swing.

When I am at my best – I am here – in this playful mood.

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.” -Charles Schaefer

Somehow, play has gotten a bad rap in our culture. Almost eight years ago, I dedicated an entire year to play.

I replaced the word work with the word play. Look how that changes the energy of the task. I am going to work on my novel — vs. I am going to play with my novel today.

In that year of play, I found myself to be happier, more creative and focused, and even when I faced challenges – approaching it from a playful perspective opened me to more solutions and more fulfilling outcomes.

Our culture has become very work concentrated. We leave childhood and so many adults leave play behind too. But I argue, play is far more important, more productive, and a lot more fun.

I encourage you to play today. Bring a playful approach to problems you are facing. Look for a way to play – just to feel the lightness in your soul. Feel the energy of playfulness and let it guide you. Enjoy.



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  1. So true, Laura-Jeanne. You have a way of saying it right! When we moved, I decided that I make mine a “writing” room not an office. The latter connotes work and I’d rather not.

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