7 days to go…

I’m writing a little late because I had to stop my day for a little dance party. The sun is shining, I have my fancy new birthday hat on my head, and I am getting my groove on.

I have been known to dance (to my sons dismay) down the aisles of many stores. I have been spied shoulder dancing in traffic. And, it’s not uncommon for me to dance around the kitchen, stopping only to remove the tap and use it as a microphone.

I love all kinds of music and will dance to anything, but my favorite is swing dancing. A few years ago, I commented on a swing dance video, “This is what I’m going to do in my next life ” – and a friend replied, “Why wait?”

Why indeed?

I signed my husband and I up for swing dance lessons that winter – then we discovered the Friday Night Hop and we had a blast – big band swing music, dancing, and learning as we watched amazing dancers. This became our weekly date night – and it is just about the most fun we have ever had.

Turn on some tunes and get your groove on today! Why wait?


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  1. I love your spirit! I take dance breaks when I’m writing. It energizes me. And I like your friend’s comment “why wait?” Glad to hear you’ve been dancing up a storm.

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