9 days to go…

We’re in the homestretch now. Single digits. Tomorrow is the first of October — the excitement is really building!

My mom taught us to be fans of birthdays. She likes to stretch hers out as long as she can. Sometimes a big party is nice – but it’s also fun to have one-on-one celebrations over the course of a week or two (longer if you can swing it) with family and friends. This seems like a super way to embrace a Plan B 50th birthday, mid-pandemic, socially distanced, over days or weeks.

Since my trip to the mountains was my early birthday gift and we are into single numbers for the countdown, and tomorrow is October – I officially declare I am in birthday mode.

I know this may be silly to some. I am surprised how many people are content to let their day slip by unnoticed. For me – my birthday has always been less about me and more about all the people I gather around me – simply for the pleasure of being together and enjoying life.

Oh…and cake. Bring on the cake and let the celebration begin!



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