13 days to go…

I set a goal in my early 40s to be healthier in the second half of my life.

At that time – I probably set the goal intending to lose weight. The relationship with my body throughout my adult life could be summed up in the words, “It’s Complicated.”

The past year and a half, I’ve learned more about women’s bodies. I was shocked I could be almost 50 and know so little about hormones, how our bodies change as we age, and how to work with our hormonal shifts instead of against them.

The weight is still important to me – I would be lying if I said otherwise. But I feel healthy. I am stronger than I’ve ever been. I am incorporating better practices in my life — relaxation, sleep, eating well, workouts and walks. And, I feel good…REALLY good.

When I really changed my lifestyle about a year and a half ago, I really needed to make some changes. I was committed. And, when I started to feel good – I felt like my old self again, I had energy again, I felt happy again, and I was energized. That has been enough motivation for me to stick with a healthier approach to life and my body.

It’s always a work-in-progress for me. Healthy body, mind, spirit. I’m willing and I keep doing a little better all the time.


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