26 days to go…

Don’t you just love music? It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like (unless it’s country…because…well…country?) I’m kidding.

I bought myself a Boxing Day gift last year – a record player.

It had been awhile since I’d heard that crackly sound at the beginning of a record. It instantly transported me back in time and felt magical.

There’s something about listening to a song from the past on a record player – the way I heard it the first time that makes me quite happy.

Thankfully, my mom keeps everything so I was able to dig out my old records and bring them home. I sat on the floor for hours throwing one 45 on after another, then an LP, and another.

I love my little record player and was convinced it would be my player of choice forever. Why would we ever have wanted to listen to music another way?

Then the LP finished. I had to get up and turn it over. Then I wanted to hear a song again and I had to get up and lift the needle and play the little game of ‘find the beginning of the song’. Then I wanted to listen to some 45s and realized I would time consuming to jump up and down to change them, the record skipped….and then…I pulled out my Spotify app.

Sometimes progress is for the best. Other times nostalgia is worth the effort. Either way, “Keep on a rockn’ me baby...”



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  1. Nostalgia over convenience? Convenience over nostalgia? Nice to have the choice.

  2. Wow! What a great way to get daily steps in – up and down and dance around!

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