25 days to go…

I’m half way through the countdown to my 50th birthday! Thanks to those who’ve stuck with me.

When I was young, there were certain birthdays I was really excited to celebrate.

I couldn’t wait to turn 13 – I’d be a real teenager. 16 – not because I was sweet, but because I could get my driver’s license – my ticket to freedom off the farm. 18, so I could go to the bar…legally. 30 was a new millennium – I remember my friends and I in high school figuring out we’d turn 30 in 2000. This seemed so crazy to us. But, it didn’t end up being crazy…not the year or the birthday. (There wasn’t even a Y2K crash to throw life into chaos). But, never once, did think as far as 50 and imagine it would come during a pandemic.

I like each birthday – the number doesn’t matter to me. Truthfully, I like getting older. When I was younger, I felt so unsettled. I didn’t know who I was or how I fit in the world. I was unsure of so many things, especially myself and it felt uncomfortable.

25 days out from turning 50, I like who I am. I have enough experience to know I always find my way. I have an incredible family and amazing friends for love and support. I like who I am and I’m feeling more comfortable with me all the time. If that what it means to near 50, I’m totally cool with it.


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  1. Getting older is much better than the alternative!

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