27 days to go…

Over the years, I’ve found myself walking the road less travelled.

Some people thought it was because I was headstrong. Others thought I was being ridiculous. Many judged me. A few watched cautiously.

The truth is, I never set out to do things differently and it’s not an easy path for anyone, especially a people pleaser like me.

These choices were all intuitively based. I had a deep, all-encompassing knowing that I couldn’t ignore. This was not something I was taught to do and I wasn’t keen to listen – but my intuition insisted I follow.

Some of these choices scared the heck out of me. My head was screaming, “What are you thinking?” And I didn’t know. It wasn’t always logical, but intuition isn’t about logic. Some things cannot be explained, they need to be felt. So I kept trusting my intuitive self as she guided me; “This is the way.”

It’s not easy to follow a different path. It can take real courage to listen to our inner voice, especially when it goes against cultural norms.

For whatever reason, I took a leap of faith. And, every time I would see how my decision placed me exactly where I needed to be.

I’m grateful my intuition has been strong. I find it easier to follow and know, even if I am scared, there is something great down the path.



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  1. Hi Laura-Jeanne:

    I believe it is called “marching to the beat of your own drum.”

    I learned to listen to my intuition the hard way. I too, was a people pleaser. It took many years to break out of that mold and learn to do my own thing. It also took many years to not be fearful and just take that leap of faith.

    I’m glad that you are able to take the path less travelled. It is usually way more interesting.

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