De-Cluttering Our Relationships

I’ve spent this past week de-cluttering my home.  I tend to live simply and yet, I’ve been amazed at how many papers, articles of clothing and other unused items have been taking up space in my home and in my life.  Since clearing the unused out of my life, I realized I hadn’t even been aware of the impact it had on me.  The little messes were making my home look unattractive and feel chaotic.  It was weighing on me because I felt bad letting it build and knew I couldn’t keep putting off cleaning it forever.   It was taking up space and energy that I could have used more effectively and I feel so much lighter having assessed what I really want in  my life and letting the rest go.

It is important to de-clutter our relationships from time to time too.  Emotions can build up in a relationship.  We can clutter up our relationship with feelings of hurt, disappointment, anger, expectation, jealousy, hanging on to things from the past, and feeling unloved.  Cluttered relationships can weigh on us, feel chaotic and look unattractive and we end putting our energy into things that don’t really serve us anymore. Instead of being free to love and be loved, we have to wade through the mess and clutter and it takes a lot of our time and energy.

Like the clutter in my home, our relationship clutter is often built slowly over time and not something we consciously set out to do.  We are often unaware of the way we’ve been approaching our relationship or the feelings we’ve been hanging on to until we have an opportunity to release them and create more space again.  And when we get rid of the unwanted and negative clutter, we can create some wonderful new relationship experiences.

Do you have some clutter in your relationship?  What kinds of feelings are you holding onto that are not serving you and your goals for yourself and your relationship?  Are you using your relationship energy to have the kind of relationship you want or are you allowing your clutter to hold you back from what you really want?  

Releasing emotions, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us and our relationship can be incredibly healing and help us move closer to the kind of love and relationship we most want in our lives.  De-cluttering your relationship can be an incredibly healing tool in your relationship.



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  1. I go on a decluttering spree every year when the urge hits and I LOVE how it feels…I LOVE the idea of applying this to our relationships as well. I’m gonna use that and remember it ~ thank you, Sister!

  2. Thanks, Kate! I always appreciate your comments and support! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on kygirlatheart and commented:
    Such a profound thought, and something I’m aspiring to right now. Pre-spring cleaning both at home, and in my marriage.

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