It All Starts With Us

I took a little summer break, which became an (unintentionally) long summer break.  I apologize for my extended absence to those who have been reading. 

Coming back to write, I wondered where to resume my relationship writing and decided it was best to start at the beginning. So…

In the beginning…

…there was, me!  🙂

While I joke about this, starting with ourselves, is an incredibly powerful place to begin creating, healing and enjoying our relationships. 

The better we know ourselves and the more we understand and accept ourselves, the better we are able to find the right partner, to see our current partner and relationship differently and continue moving forward in our relationship the way we most desire.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that a good relationship lies in the hands of our partner.  If we have an exceptionally great partner, then we will live happily ever after.  And while there is some truth in the fact that a good match can make a relationship easier…it is time to stop giving the power of our happiness and fulfillment to our partner and start to own it and control it ourselves.

This is where we begin. 

The key to a good relationship is knowing, understanding and accepting ourselves

Let’s spend this week, being more aware of who we are and developing a better relationship with ourselves.  The more we know, the more we bring to our partner and our relationship.



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  1. Welcome Back! What a great message!
    Thank you Laura-Jeanne

  2. Thanks, Brian! I’m glad to have you back here too!

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