Discovering More About Us

The key to a good relationship is knowing, understanding and accepting ourselves.

When we become aware of the mechanisms we’ve learned as a means of protection or to hide, ignore, criticize or judge ourselves, we are able to embrace more of who we are and use that as helpful information in our relationships.

I recently discovered certain patterns about myself.  In that discovery, I was able to let go of some judgment and criticism I’ve held about myself and I was able to see it neutrally.  As I embrace this pattern and part of myself, I understand myself better and it helped me let go of all kinds of guilt and angst, it helped me communicate more clearly to my partner who I am and the way I thrive and it helps me feel better about myself.  Win-win.

So, let’s start being honest with ourselves, letting go of judgement and fear and learn, embrace and accept more of who we are as individuals.

1.  Spend this week writing down a list of things that you know to be true about yourself.  Make sure they are positive attributes and make sure they are things you really believe to be true about yourself.  Try to make your list about who you are…not what you do.

2.  Be comfortable with yourself this week.  Do things that nurture you most.  Honor what you feel compelled to do, instead of what you think you should  be doing.

3.  Notice what you can observe in yourself all week.  What are you doing when you feel happiest?  What has upset you this week?  What patterns can you see in your life?  What feels more comfortable?  What feels most vulnerable?  What are you wanting to hide about yourself?

Keep a journal and see what you discover.

The better you know yourself, the easier it is to blend that with another person.


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