Brag About Your Partner

The focus this week is loving our partner like crazy!!! 

One great way to focus on what you love most about your partner is to brag about them.  What makes YOUR partner so great?  What do you love most?  What made you fall for your partner?

Share what you love most, admire about your partner or tell us what it is that makes your partner so darn irresistible to you.

Click on “Leave a Comment” and brag your partner up to the world.



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  1. Oh how I LOVE my soulmate, my Rabbit.

    * This morning he gave my aching neck, head, and shoulders a massage…for over an HOUR!

    * While he was massaging me we talked about the changes our family is going through (with a new baby here in just a couple of weeks). He’s so insightful, wise, and he knows me SO WELL! Often times he knows me better than I know myself.

    * He’s a FABULOUS cook (one of the things I loved about him right away).

    * He’s an INCREDIBLE partner ~ I have a lot to learn from him.

    * He loves me like crazy and always supports me no matter what.

    * He’s affectionate, passionate, and loves me the way I want to be loved. Meeting him was like coming home.

    * He’s a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur ~ he really is a genius in so many ways.

    I could keep going, and going! He’s so wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for bragging! I love what you’ve written. It’s inspiring and I’m so glad you decided to play along!!!

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