Loving Ourselves

We all deserve to be loved and yet we have convinced ourselves that we are not lovable unless we do everything right, then we can win someone else’s love.   But it is impossible to please someone all the time, so we are left feeling unloved and unsatisfied.

But, this is all a lie.  We DON’T need to do anything to be worthy of love.  We DON’T need to be or do things perfectly to be good enough for love.  All we have to do is be ourselves and we are deserving of love.

How do we do this?

1.  Become aware of what you believe, think and say about yourself.  True love comes from within, so the more you find to like and love about yourself, the better you will feel.

2.  When you do something you consider a ‘mistake’ give yourself a free pass.  Be gentle and kind with yourself, especially in times when you are especially hard and judgemental towards yourself.

3.  Keep a journal of positive qualities and traits about yourself.  Remind yourself who you are and be willing to embrace all the gifts that are you.

We are all lovable.  We all deserve to be loved.  The love needs to come from within first and then we find it is reflected to us by others.  Make the space in your life to change this old belief and realize that you are worthy of love simply because you are you!


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