Putting Ourselves First

Taking care of ourselves is the best way to take care of our relationship.  Every time we do things that helps us be in a good place, our partner and our relationship will thrive.

Here are some things you can do to help you take care of yourself and therefore, your relationship.

1.  Be aware of what you are doing and why.  What is your motivation for the things you do?  Are you doing things for your partner (or others) because you feel guilty?  Because of fear?  Out of habit?  Because you feel they will love you (or love you more) if you do?  Doing things for our partner for the wrong reasons can lead us to feel resentful, annoyed and can lead us to conflict with our partner.  Make a conscious effort to only say YES to things you want to do and NO to things that aren’t going to serve you.

2.  Do things for yourself on a regular basis that help you feel balanced, grounded and happy.  We often schedule everyone else’s needs first and then give ourselves the leftover time, money and resources.  Make a habit of taking care of yourself and you’ll find you feel better.

3.  Love what you do and do what you love as often as you can.  Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of doing what we love…but we canchoose to make the most of any situation and love what we are doing (or at least find some positive spin on it).  Feeling happy about what we are doing can really help us feel better about our life in general.

Simply put;   live, laugh and love.  Enjoy your life and make time for yourself.  The more you place yourself as a priority in your own life, the more you will have to give to your partner and every other aspect of your life too.  When you are feeling your absolute best, your relationship will thrive!


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