The Power of Two

Sometimes, when people have been together for a while, they forget they are on each other’s side and they forget to be on each other’s side. 

The relationship gets clouded by emotions like anger, frustration, hurt, resentment and disappointment.  Unmet expectations, partners placing conditions on one another, and unresolved issues slowly move in.  People take their stress out on their partner and forget to treat one another with kindness and love. 

 This is when it is more important than ever to tap into the power of love again and remember why you came together and why you’ve stayed together over time.  

Love is incredibly powerful and when a couple can come together in pure love, amazing things can happen.

One of the greatest strengths and gifts we can find in a relationship is the “Power of Two.” It is realized in a relationship when:

1.  Each person knows who they are and are willing to express themselves openly and honestly.

2.  Both people take care of their needs and are willing to make the commitment to honour themselves first and foremost.


3.  The partners bring this to the relationship.  They are both willing to commit to share themselves with their partner. 

The “Power of Two” comes from being aware and accountable to oneself and one’s partner.   It is about being willing to do what is necessary to be our best selves, bring that to our relationship and create something more powerful by combining this power.



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  1. I really appreciate this reminder. I feel like I am in a relationship with my true love, but every day living can really cloud things. Sometimes it’s just about waiting for the clouds to pass and other times we have to make a conscious decision to move towards a more loving place–even when it doesn’t feel so easy to do.

  2. I appreciate this reminder too ~ and it hits close to home as my true love has asked me more than once lately “when did you stop being on my side?”
    I definitely DON’T want him to feel that way! You’re right ~ two is so much more powerful than one!

  3. Thank you both for your comments and experiences.

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