Getting to the Power of Two

Many of us have believed that when we come together as a couple and get our partner to meet our needs, we will feel good and that will lead to strength in our relationship.  But what this really leads to is reliance on the other person for our happiness, expectation, disappointment and pain.  Finding our true strength as a couple requires us to take care of ourselves first.

How do we tap into our strength as a couple?

1.  Spend time this week being aware of who you are and then embrace all those qualities that make you, you.  Knowing ourselves well, understanding ourselves and being ourselves can be powerful for us as individuals as well as for our relationship. 

2. Take care of your needs this week by yourself and for yourself.  Continue to be aware of your emotions, your expectations and your needs.  Focus this week on making sure you do the things that honour you most, meet your needs and feel good about yourself.  When we meet our own needs, we free up ourselves, our partner and our relationship for room to grow and thrive. 

3. Be yourself and share yourself with your partner.  When you aren’t asking your partner to be or do something for you to feel better, when you aren’t hiding who you are from yourself and your partner, you are free to just be you.  Your partner gets to see the real you and you free up your relationship so you can grow and expand and become even stronger as a couple, but also as individuals.

The best relationships thrive when both people are thriving as individuals.  When we come to our partner as our true selves and without expectation, we free the relationship from those bonds and allow the space for both people to thrive.  It is a powerful way to navigate through a relationship.



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  1. Kristin Brænne April 19, 2011 — 5:05 AM


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