Being Love-Able – Exercise

How Love Able are you?

Many of us subconsciously hold ourselves back from the love we want.  We want to love and to be loved, but without even realizing it, we are holding ourselves back; we are hanging on to anger and hurt from the past and using fear in ways that keep us from the love we want. 

How does one become more Love Able then?

1.  Assessment.  On a scale of 1-10, rate how happy/satisfied you are with the love in your life right now.  How do you feel about your rating?  Where would you like it to be?  How close are you to your ideal? 

2.  Awareness.  If you are not at your ideal rating, how can you can feel more love in your life?  Write down ways you can feel more love in your life without anything (or anyone) outside of you changing.  Look for ways you can increase your ability to love.  Can you be a little more honest with your partner?  Are you willing to let go of hurt from the past?  Is there something you have wanted to do but have lacked the courage to do?  Are you aware of what’s holding you back?  Are you aware of things you can do to feel more loving? 

3. Take Action.  Stretch yourself to be more Love Able.  Really pay attention to the love in your life this week.  Release the past by focusing on what you are feeling right now.  When you get that inner knowing that you should do or say something…act on it before you censor or stop yourself.  Look for ways to increase your ability to love by pushing yourself to love more unconditionally.  Spend some time just loving for the sake of loving and see what happens. 

When you become more aware of what you are doing, what you want to be feeling and what you are willing to do to create more love in your life, you expand your Love Ability.  Becoming more Love Able attracts more love in your life.


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