Be open, the Universe whispered to me.

“Oh, I am,” I said, as I made a little plan. I saw the best outcome based on logic and ease, money, and the least disruption and interference for all. It made sense and was clearly the best way to proceed.

That’s cute the Universe whispered to me.

But then, my perfect plan didn’t work. I had to look for another way. I resisted. I felt discordant. This isn’t what I wanted.

Trust, the Universe whispered to me.

“Okay,” I said, taking action and implementing Plan B. Then I realized, Plan B had other benefits I hadn’t considered or foreseen. Plan B provided a more complete fit for all my needs. Plan B was actually a better plan.

The Universe smiled.

The outcome is yet to be revealed. I might need a Plan C or maybe a Plan D. But I heard the message loud and clear. The only way to know is to be open, to keep making the best choices available, and allow the best plan to be revealed.

Sometimes, there is bigger picture and unknown factors that need to be in play. Sometimes, we don’t understand the necessary ripples that need to be spread. Sometimes what we think is best for us circumvents the very things we all need the most.

Exactly, the Universe whispered to me.

Be present, be open, and trust. Answers will be revealed, choices become clear, the path becomes illuminated.

You’ve got this…and I’ve got you the Universe whispered to me.

Indeed. I hear you.


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  1. There is freedom in being open. I’m with you my friend.

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