Changing Seasons

The end of summer, beginning of autumn – later today marks the passing of the seasonal torch- the autumnal equinox.

I love the way the shifting light, the shifting seasons, the shifting energy in the outer world become reflected in myself.

The midpoint – in between the light and the dark – the hot and the cold. Full foliage to bare trees – nature shifts to prepare for winter. Seeds sown and plants tended now become my harvest.

The shift to autumn, feels as cozy as the sweaters I now wrap around me for warmth. The crisp air awakens senses, dulled by the long hot summer. There’s a return to rhythm that feels welcome, after a summer of spontaneity.

With one foot in summer and the other planning for winter – there is time to enjoy the warm days and retreat into quiet reflection in the coolness of the evening.

Slowing down to integrate the way I’ve grown this summer and use that strength to carry me through the winter. Observing what no longer supports me, falls away, allowing me time to focus on me, so next spring, with more light, new sprouts can emerge.

Time in the darkness to integrate what the summer brought to light.

Shifting energy, shifting seasons, shifting light. Happy Equinox.



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  1. Love this LJ. This is my favorite time of year. As school starts up again, I’m reminded that there are more lessons I need to learn in the coming year. Cindy

  2. You have such a wonderful way with words, as always a beautiful piece.

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