I have always been able to tune into others. I could see when someone else needed light.

And, when they did, I gave them my light. I thought that was the kind & caring thing to do…I thought it made me a good person.

But, when that person walked away with my light, all it did was leave me in the dark, needing to find more light.

What I’ve come to realize: I need to stop giving my light away.

Instead of giving it to others and leaving myself in the dark – I can simply turn on my own light and let it shine.

If others need light for a time, they can come near and enjoy the light until they can find their own. What others choose to do with the light is no longer my concern.

My work is simply to turn on my light and let it shine.

Light is meant to be shared…but it was never meant to be given away.

It is my responsibility to maintain my light. I need to pay for the electricity. I need to make sure I turn it on and change the bulbs. I need to make sure I clean the glass so it can shine brightly.

But instead of giving away my light– I am choosing to turn my light on and let it shine.

This is the true way to give from the heart, to help make the world a better place.

I had been confused about this in the past – I lived in a very co-dependent way. But I am learning and will write more and share as I continue to SHINE.



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  1. Thanks for turning on your light and letting me bask in the glow when I’ve needed it.

  2. And you too! Keep shining.

  3. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

    Thank you for sharing your light and your wisdom.

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