Lessons from Children

I have always loved being around children. They have an energy that is so magical and delightful — it’s contagious.

I’ve recently noticed (again) how children navigate the world. And it’s beautiful.

If you ask a small child, “What do you love to do?” They don’t give you one answer. They barrage you with activities they love. Drawing, baking, ballet, running, camping, singing, dancing. Their list of favorite activities is long and robust. They don’t limit themselves to only the arts, or only sports, they are willing to involve their bodies and minds in multiple ways.

When children meet others, they look for ways they can connect.

“Do you like soccer”



“Not really?”

“What about baking?”


“Oh, me too. We’re just the same.”

Children don’t get caught up in the way they are different, they keep searching for something they have in common; the way they can connect.

And I love the curious nature of children. “Why is that?” “What makes that work?” They are happy to keep searching for knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

These are three ways we can all benefit by implementing in our lives. I encourage you to be mindful of these things as you move about your life this week.

  1. Participate and enjoy a variety of activities. Explore ways to involve your body, your energy, and spirit in your activities.
  2. Look for the commonality in others – seek the way you can connect, instead of focusing on the differences.
  3. Be curious, be willing to keep asking questions, and seeking answers.


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  1. You are a wise woman. Thank you for sharing your insights.

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