2 days to go…

I’m the little sister and I’ve done a good job with this role. I’ve provided my sister with many opportunities to be pestered, bothered, annoyed, and tormented.

I did my share of tagging along when I wasn’t wanted, I pushed her boundaries, I tested her patience. But I had to – all of these items were listed in “The Duties of the Little Sister Handbook.”

I did these things because I desperately wanted to be with her and desperately wanted to be like her. She was smarter than me, she could play the piano better than me, she got to do everything first and I wanted to be part of everything she did. I thought she was amazing.

I still do.

I am grateful she’s my sis and really grateful she still loves me after all the crap I’ve put her through over the years.

My big sister is one of the most kind-hearted people on the planet. She has a heart of gold – she’s still super-smart (maybe still smarter than me), she is creative and business savvy, she is kind and caring and beloved, she is a great voice in her community, she is an incredible cook, and she is an amazing mom.

Through all the years, she’s always been there for me. When we have shared pain and joy – it is always better because we share it together. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we see heart-to-heart – and that’s what matters.

A shout out to my sister today – and for the fact she didn’t strangle me in childhood, so I could grow and become me – and I am better because of her.



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  1. Beautiful tribute- by the sounds of it both of you are truly blessed in having each other.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your sister and your relationship. I could feel the love.

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