3 days to go…

If you would like to honour me for my 50th birthday – I am asking for your words. Drop me a letter in the mail, email me, text, write a reply here – share a story, write a story, write a poem, string together your favorite words, make a list of words – be original or a share a favorite quote – it makes no difference to me. All I ask for is words.

I like the way I’ve been evolving in my 40s. I have a better understanding of who I am and with that came greater acceptance of myself. Every day, I become more comfortable being me and make no apologies. I am learning to listen and hear myself, then honour me. And, more and more, I am liking who I am and seeing the gifts I bring to the world. (If I was looking for some magical wisdom when I turn 50 – I suspect I am already getting it).

I think this is the true gift of aging – We are given the gift of ourselves.

Looking into my next decade – I feel like it is going to be the decade for me – the time for me to follow my heart into the next chapter, the time for me to bring all of myself to everything I do, the time for me to fill myself up first – then offer what I can to others.

For my 5th decade I’m setting my sights on the following: sharing stories with large audiences, being present, more time in the mountains, leaving people and places better than I find them, using my skills – coaching, writing, sharing, teaching – to help the world find balance, being healthy in mind, body, and spirit – being me and honouring me.

3 more days.


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  1. I’m glad that you have a better understanding of yourself, Laura-Jeanne. Your knowledge and attitude will serve you well when you leap over the gate to 50. When I turned 50 I realized I only had so much energy to go around, for others and for myself, so I decided not to waste it on people who didn’t matter, on stuff I didn’t need, and on pursuits that did not fill my soul. I look forward to watching you grow even further in all areas of your life.

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