33 days to go…

I like a quiet Sunday. It’s a good day to rest and recharge and today feels perfect. The weather is cooler. I slept in. I have two books to read and I’ve been eyeing my stash of yarn, thinking it’s time for another knitting project.

Growing up, Sunday was brunch day – waffles, bacon, apple juice. Instead of the radio, there was music playing on the record player. The day held different vibe – an ease. Sunday afternoons were spent reading, catching a nap on the couch, or watching a movie. Sometimes we’d visit friends or family and join them for Sunday dinner. But no matter where we were, at 6:00 we’d turn the t.v. on to watch Disney. These Sunday memories feel like a cozy sweater I wrap around myself – happy and comforting.

Sundays in University were a day for sleeping in, catching up on all my reading, and working on papers. They were filled with long-distance calls because it was the cheapest day. And if I went away for the weekend, it meant I was packing up and heading back to my own space.

Sundays as a single mom were difficult when the boys were really young. I felt lonely watching all the families on our street have BBQ’s and spend the day outside working or playing together. I made Sunday afternoon our grocery shopping day, which helped shift my focus and was easier without crowds, to shop alone with a baby and toddler.

As the boys got older, I embraced the ease of a Sunday again. Riding bikes, walking on the path, special dinners, watching movies, and relaxing.

It’s funny how a day can feel different than another. I’m not sure why that is but I won’t question it. I do like a Sunday.



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  1. Hi Laura-Jeanne:

    When I was a child, Sundays for most people were church in the AM and visiting family in the PM. I did not belong to a church going family, nor did we have any extended family in Canada so some of those Sundays I did feel rather lonely. Some Sundays we did visit my god parents or friends of my parents for afternoon tea/coffee or dinner. In the summer we’d often go for a Sunday drive in the country somewhere or if hot go to one of the many beaches in the area. If Mom and Dad needed to rest my brothers and I would go for a hike up the Niagara Escarpment taking a pack lunch with us. Sundays in winter were cozy with reading books, playing board games, or playing outside in the snow with my brothers. My parents always spent the afternoon doing the weekly crosswords from the newspaper.

    As an adult, hubby and I did attend church for a number of years with and without the kids. Afternoons were usually filled with the kids soccer or football games in the summer months. If at home we’d have a quieter day with family activities. We’d often rent a movie from Blockbuster. Now that I’m an almost empty nester Sundays are generally a day for sleeping in and pursuing hobbies. I also spend a bit of time organizing myself for the upcoming week. I too, like Sundays. I like the slower pace of the day.



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