34 days to go…

I went for a bike ride, hoping to get some inspiration for my blog today because I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Instead, I got distracted…by the feel of the wind…the slight smokey smell in the air…realizing I passed two people I used to see everyday at the gym and wondering why I didn’t realize it sooner or stop to say hello…seeing a new bird and asking some birders what it was (an Ibis, by the way)…enjoying my cruising bike which is the favorite of all the bikes I have owned…enjoying the muscles I have built in my legs…feeling the freedom and ability to ride a bike…seeing young moms on the path and remembering my days pushing strollers…feeling my heart pumping on the hills and enjoying coasting down them…remembering when I was a kid and I had a blue bike and when we were on holidays they had little license plates for bike, .but of course, they only had Laura, but I figured it was better than nothing and got it and my dad put it on the back of my bike (a point I disagree on now – see 36 days to go…blog)…remembering how I learned to ride my bike in the circle driveway at our farm and how nothing inspires you more to find balance than wiping out on gravel…realizing it was getting way to hot for a bike ride and I was running low on water…loving the fact that I live somewhere I can ride a bike safely…feeling happy I found an app to track how many miles/kms I ride each day because I am a geek this way… saying hello to the girls riding their bikes in tutu’s and thinking about how much I adore children…thinking about an afternoon nap…

But sorry, I can’t think of anything to say today.


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  1. A fun ramble. I enjoyed the “ride”.

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