37 days to go…

Wednesday is writing day with my kindred writers.

I’ve always loved putting words on the page, but it’s only been in the past few years, when I switched to fiction, that my heart really began to sing.

I am a born storyteller. I have an active imagination. I love telling ((embellishing) stories for anyone willing to listen. And I love words. (Funny, how it took me four decades to come to the realization I could put this all together and write fiction).

My Wednesdays are sacred. Four writers. Blank pages and pens. The timer starts. Suddenly, there are people and places, living lives, taking us on journeys we didn’t know existed. They lead us where they want to go (often unbeknownst to us). And we document it all, as if we were record keepers. Except, we aren’t. We are creators. We are fiction writers. I marvel at this every week.

It is pure magic.


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