38 days to go…

Happy Birthday to my husband today.

I like birthdays (obviously) and I like to celebrate all kinds of occasions. It makes life more fun.

We had to teach my husband about birthday celebrating. When I met him, he was quite anti-birthday, but he’s come around.

I like having a day to focus on someone we love, like my husband. Our family likes to share a favorite memory or say what the love most about the birthday person. Plus…a birthday is a legitimate reason to eat cake. We could use a little more of that in our lives.

Sometimes we get caught up in life, routine, responsibilities and we forget to make special moments for the ones we love. Birthdays are a good reminder to celebrate people…and I am always up for celebrating people and cheering them on.

Happy Birthday, Love.



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  1. Wish Brian a happy birthday for me! I have cake in the freezer I’ll take and eat in celebration of his special day.

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