48 days to go…

…until I celebrate the day I was forced from the womb!

I had to write that so my mother could roll her eyes. I can get away with it because she is the best mom ever…and I am still cute. Right, Mom?

I have a prolonged history hassling my mom about her choice to induce labour.

“You forced me from the womb!”

Mom rolls her eyes.

“Why didn’t you wait? I might have wanted to be born a different day.”

“You were already overdue.”

“You mean, like a library book?”

I have spent much of my life making my mother roll her eyes or shake her head at me. Others too, I suspect. (Pretty sure my sister would like to chime in here). But I also suspect they wouldn’t want me to be any other way.

I tend to walk a little off the path – I prefer the feel of the grass under my feet. I tend to bring a little levity to life – I prefer a laughter in my belly. I tend to challenge the way things are in the world – I prefer to leave the Earth a little better than I found her.

Enjoy the day and do something fun for yourself and others.

Love to all.


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