Happy Love Day

I am especially fond of love but I’m not especially fond of Valentine’s Day.

I love the idea of dedicating an entire day to loving others, it is a beautiful and noble idea.  However, like other good things, we have over-commercialized Valentine’s Day (if you don’t believe me walk in to a Wal-Mart or other similar store and take note of all the stuff that is supposed to be an expression of our love). 

True love doesn’t need fancy dinners, flowers or extravagant gifts. Unconditional love doesn’t come inside a stuffed bear holding a heart.  Real love doesn’t need anything at all — except an open and willing heart.

There is nothing in life more important than love — and true love comes from within and is expressed authentically.  My wish is for everyone to be able to love fully and deeply in a way that enriches your life beyond measure. 

I hope you are able to feel real love today, whether that love is for your partner, your children, your parents, your friends or a stranger you meet who touches your heart.  Let a lot of love into your heart today(and everyday) and use the power of love to fill your soul!



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  1. I always feel the same way about Valentine’s Day! It feels like a set-up to me. 😉 Even today, I’m feeling myself getting agitated over the things I feel I’m “supposed” to do….so I just let it go, remembering LOVE is what matters, NOT things!

    Happy LOVE day!

  2. I hope your day was filled with love! You deserve it!

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