Feeling My Way to My Best Relationship

I found myself feeling unloved and unhappy.  I kept focusing on all the things that weren’t working and all the things that didn’t feel good.   In doing that, I just kept swirling around in feelings that felt bad.

While I was stuck there, I didn’t realize I was blocking myself.  I was missing all kinds of opportunites to see just how loved I was and just how happy I could be.

It wasn’t so much that my partner was or wasn’t doing anything…it was that I was so focused on things being a particular way, I didn’t notice all the other ways he was showing me love.  I missed seeing all the ways I was loved and had love in my life. 

I realized it was me stopping myself from feeling what I wanted to feel by getting in my own way.  And when I realized this, I suddenly saw all the beautiful gestures, all the loving moments and all the kind things my partner had been doing.  I left my fear and unhappiness behind and I was able to let it all go and embrace all the love and happiness that I wanted.

It was a good reminder that it’s all perspective and where I decide to put my focus and attention.


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