Finding Happy – An Exercise

We seem to have gotten things backward.  We think it is our partner’s job to make us feel good in our relationship.  Singles believe that being in a relationship will make them feel better.  Couples think their partner should say or do things a particular way to ensure they feel good.

The truth is that we need to be bringing our  happiness to our partner and our relationship. 

So, how can we go about this? 

1.  Take your partner out of the equation.  Spend time this week focusing YOU instead of your relationship.  Become an observer of your life.  Pay attention to what YOU are doing.  Hear what YOU are saying (your inner thoughts and aloud).  Watch how YOU are loving and living your life.

2.  Focus on feeling good about yourself and your life.  Write a list of all the things you love.  Think about the things that feel good for you.  Make time for yourself.  Care for yourself.  Be gentle with yourself.

3.  Observe how you feel when you make time for yourself, do things you love and focus on YOU this week.  See how you view your relationship after spending a few days really honouring yourself and doing things that you love.  Notice any changes.  Be aware of how your mood and feelings about yourself are similar to the feelings you have about your partner and your relationship.

Spend time really finding your own happiness this week and see how you feel about your relationship. 

And please feel free to share anything you experience this week.


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