It’s my birthday – and I’m thrilled to be 52.

When I tell you my heart is full of love and gratitude, whatever you are imagining, it is more.

I’m so grateful for every person who is and has been part of my life, each experience, moment, and memory – the composite of my life – and why I am who I am today.

I had a powerful moment this year where my feeling of gratitude expanded deeply and profoundly.

In the spring, I was out on my bike and found myself on a winding path through the trees. It was so beautiful I had to stop. I was awestruck. Drinking it in, I smiled and said, Is this really my life? I get to live here?

It felt as though all time and space had stopped; as if that moment was a gift, just for me – the trees and the birds, the sun and the river were created just for this meeting – so I could witness it and imprint it on my soul.

Since that moment, my ability to feel gratitude has become a rich and deeply connected, soul-full experience. Every day, when I’m in nature, a moment inevitably arrives when I know I’m being asked to attune to my surroundings – as if a spotlight is showing me a magnificent new gift. I always stop, become fully present, and marvel at the world around me. And in that glow, I feel more and more appreciative of this life.

It’s easy in nature to see the beauty and the gifts. But the more I’ve integrated this deep sense of gratitude, the more I see it and feel it in all aspects of my life.

My heart is full. I am grateful beyond measure. Another year in this glorious life…a new trip ready to begin. More moments of love, gratitude, presence, learning, connecting. What a gift.

Thank you for being here and joining me on my birthday.


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  1. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend.

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