Saturday Morning – Part 2

I’m beginning to think Saturday mornings were made for me.

This morning – something reminded me of my favorite adult Saturday mornings…breakfasts at quaint places, walks in the park, hot coffee.

The way I feel this morning conjures up all kinds of pleasant emotions. I am tapped in to the energy of leisure and pleasure and so many things I love feel this way to me. Here are some things I love that hold this vibe:

Hot coffee in a comfy chair, a decadent breakfast in a quaint little place, walking in the trees with birds singing and water running, curling up in the sunshine with a good book, riding my bike on the path, a new pen and notebook, waking up in a campground, the sun on my face, laughing, a breeze, breaking the thin ice over a puddle, a conversation with a friend.

I hope your Saturday feels like fun…comfort…joy…and ease. I can’t wait to see where this day takes me.


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